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so yeah i’m back, but only to announce that this blog is going on hiatus.

there’s not many things to say about it, really. it’s mostly due to me having my gcse exams this year and i also have other blogs (or fandoms, specifically) to dote on so i haven’t been keeping up with this blog. and i lost my willingness to blog from this blog.

i thought about deleting this blog to be honest, but it’s passed 4 years old and there’s a lot of memories i received from this blog (and being on tumblr in general) so i’m not going to delete it, but i’m going to save it so i can look back at it and remember the memories.

i don’t think anyone will read this but to my followers, thank you for following me, i had a great time being here.

if anyone wants my other blogs to follow, send me and ask and i’ll give you a link. both blogs are music fandom blogs, but different genres.

see you some day, one day everyone! bye!

now, to the people i’ve met here and know and talk to:

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La Dispute - You And I In Unison

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Some bitch:

Omg you've already seen that band live,why do you need to go again?


Omg you've already breathed once,why do you need to do it again?

- declare this an emergency -

21.12.12 @ 00:47909